Temple of Elemental Evil

Day 1 Part 2: In which our party meets Zanster Dwarfhands

He lives nextdoor to Xavier Wolfpeter

After no longer being welcome at the Welcome Wench they seeked out the town elder. Through some charisma, they made their way past the guards of the Walled Manor House (27) and found themselves before Zanster Dwarfhands. He told the party more about the town and the growing number of bandits, theives, and problems that they’ve been facing. Our party volunteered to keep a watch of the parameter of the town that night to help protect the village. Zanster also invited them to come back to the the council meeting that was happening that night, it being a new moon and all. He told them more of the religion in town including Jarroo in the Grove. He thought it would interest them since Bruce claimed to be of the Old Faith. Damor thanked him, reaffirmed his vow to patrol that evening, and said he would see Zanster at the council meeting in a few hours.

Our adventurers then went to the Church of St. Cuthbert (20) . Here they met Calmert and learned a little of the order of St. Cuthbert. They also learned a little about the history of the church, the new Canon Terjon, and even donated some money to the church. Our party learned their donation was actually going toward building a castle fortress on the west end of town. Calmert was so taken with the party that he even gave them some holy water which he had been blessing. Damor asked if there was any place they could stay for the night. Calmert offered up the cells in the basement of the church. The party accepted and then left and never returned.

From there they visited the home of Walroar Arroway (18) the braumeister. They learned the Arroway family and the brew house employees were almost entirely new converts to St. Cuthbert. Bruce, claiming to also be a follower of St. Cuthbert, made fast friends. Damor negotiated a deal where they would deliver some ale to the Welcome Wench in exchange for housing for the evening. They went to work, enjoyed a meal where the adventurers learned more of the town’s troubles, and then our adventurers headed over to the council meeting.

To be continued…


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