Temple of Elemental Evil

Battle at the Welcome Wench

This is why they make you put a credit card down

When the party returned to Hommlet after their adventures, the town was eerily quiet. And meeting and updating Zannster Dwarfhands on their encounter with Lareth the Beautiful, they set up camp in Elmo’s house and rested for the evening. Bruce went and visited Furnok, returning his ring of indivisibility.They were awoken by the town being under attack!!

Inside the Welcome Wench a great melee took place with our heroes and Lareth. His followers from both the ruins and sleeper agents within the town fought the villagers.

The heroes swiftly defeated Lareth’s minions before turning their sights on him. He proved to be not too difficult, but shortly before following summoned a power assassin. The assassin seemed nearly impenetrable and one by one took down the party members. Once they were all incapacitated he threw Lareth over his shoulder and snuck out of the Inn.

The next morning the townspeople licked their wounds and tried to make sense of what happened. Lareth seemed to be one of many that was trying to bring back the Temple of Elemental Evil to it’s former glory. What’s worst, it seems the people of Hommlet were too trusting and many of their own citizens were working toward these nefarious ends. Elmo, Jaroo, and Terjon vowed to work with the militia to protect the town from further attacks. The party members explored the rest of the town to try and find if any other secrets remained.

Once they were satisfied they had spoken to everyone, they headed off to Nulb….


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