Temple of Elemental Evil

Day 1 Part 3: The Council Meets

And Bruce learns that pride goes before the fall

While Damor and Kannish take their seats and wait for the council meeting to start, Bruce decides he wants to get his money back from Furnok and excuses himself back to the Welcome Wench. Once there he forces himself into Furnok’s unlocked room. Furnok refuses and brief melee takes place. Bruce narrowly escapes with his life, only managing to steal Furnok’s dagger after it breezes by his temple.

Back at the council meeting, the villagers are voicing their concerns of the growing troubles in the town. In particular, they worry about the moathouse, a few miles west of town that was an outpost during the war of Temple of the Elemental Evil. If nothing else, brigands, thieves, other nefarious forces were believed to be squatting there. Damor stood up and took the floor saying he and his compatriots would clear out the evil lurking in the ruins. While most of the town people seemed relieved, others were skeptic of this stranger’s promise. The adventuring party left and met with Bruce back at the braumeister’s house. The went to sleep peacefully, never patrolling in the night like they promised Zanster. One of Unastine Daleborn’s children was murdered that night.

The next morning the party woke up and headed for the trading post with hopes of procuring some riding horses. The met Gremag and Rannos Davl, the owners of the shop. While Gremag claimed to offer a fair price on all items, the amount he wanted for a riding horse was to high to even be named. It was clearly over the suggested retail price. Even when Damor told Gremag of the adventure’s plans to help the town, Gremag and Rannos seemed like they couldn’t be bothered and had no allegiance to either good or bad. The exchange became very heated and eventually the party was kicked out of the trading post.

Having enough of Hommlet, they headed through the overgrown track towards the Ruins of the Moathouse.


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