Temple of Elemental Evil

Day 1: There's no place like Hommlet

In which we meet our merry band of adventurers

It was the early morning when Lord Damor rode into Hommlet seeking fame, fortune, and adventure. In tow were his half-orc body guard Kannash and his halfling squire-cum-jester, Bruce MacSilverlight.

Taking a map that is made available to all travelers, our party went to the first house they saw where the were greeted by the friendly housewife, Unastine Daleborn. Being the house closest to the town entrance, Unastine was used to answering many travelers questions. Our adventurers only had three: 1) where could they rest they rest their weary feet? 2) who was the leader of this town? and 3) what did sort of good deeds did this town need done for it.

Unastine, being a devout follower of the Old Faith, tried to be as accommodating as possible. She told the travelers about the Inn of the Welcome Wench where they could stable their horse and enjoy a good meal. She told them not only of Zanster Dwarfhands, the town elder, but also of the town council. And she told them a little of the new evils that seem to be returning to their once peaceful town. Our heroes thanked her and went directly to the Inn.

After securing a room for the evening with the innkeep Ostler, our adventurers traveled to the main room to see if they could learn more about the troubles plaguing this town. Their interests were quickly sidetracked when they met the halfling Furnok of Ferd who was running some popular games of cards and dice. After Bruce lost “a wee bit o’ coin”, Kannash decided to investigate further. It was at this point that Furnok didn’t seem to care much for playing. Damor, sensing his squire had been had took swift action to lift the halfling upside down and shake the coin out of him. This immediately caught the attention of an intimidating man named Elmo, who up until this point appeared to be drunk. Damor tried to call for the other people in the inn to join him, but all seemed to have no interest in helping or were more interested in taking up arms against these new strangers. Ostler came over and asked our adventurers to leave, and the were again without a place to stay for the evening.

To be continued….


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