Temple of Elemental Evil

Return to Hommlet

Be sure to try the Hommlet Omelette at the Wench!

Realizing there must be something more going on at the moathouse, our adventurers decided to head back to Hommlet to see what was going on… The packed up as much of their loot as they could and left Kannash to guard the rest. They brought some of the cloaks with the odd symbol they found as well.

Upon returning to Hommlet, they were welcomed by the cheers of the towns people. How had word already traveled back to town? Perhaps the brigand that escaped? Among the crowd of people is Ostler, the innkeep of the Welcome Wench. He’s more than ready to forgive the heroes for their [[Day 1: There’s no place like Hommlet | previous mishap]] and even offers free housing and food for the evening. Also with the welcome wagon is Rannos Davl, the owner of the trading post. He has a special offer for the adventurers and invites them to visit him later.

The adventurers go looking for Elder Dwarfhands and find him at the construction of a new building to house the village council. The party returns (some of) their treasures back to the town. The elder is very greatful and even asks they keep some. Then they ask about the symbol on the cloaks and learn that the black triangle is representative of the Elemental Evil. It appears that someone is trying to reopen the temple.

The adventurers visit Jaroo the druid in the Grove for more information. He himself was sent to investigate the rumors of such evil. Knowing their adventure will be rough, he promises to give them help if they return the next morning.

Back at the Welcome Wench, the party enjoys many free drinks on the house as well as some amazing supper. They see their old friend Elmo enjoying a drinking contest with a putrid barbarian adventurer with no name. The fowl smelling barbarian agrees to the handle “John” and asks to go with them on their adventurers. Elmo wishes to also go along if the party can bring him a BIG axe.

The adventurers (with new friend “John”) go visiting Elmo’s house. There they meet Otigold Fletcher, captain of the militia and father to Elmo and Otis. They learn that Otis had gone out adventuring to seek fortune. He isn’t happy to see his younger son follow in those footsteps, but give the adventurers Elmo’s axe and armor anyway. If anything happens to Elmo, Otis will surely hear about it.

Before turning in for the evening, the adventurers visit the trading post. Rannos Davl is working and sells the party some potions and buys back some of the items they discovered. Very interested in what other treasures lurk in the bowels of the moathouse, he offers to sponsor the party’s next trip there. He equips them with horses and a dungeon cart so they can bring back all the loot they find. Additionally he offers the help of his employee, the young and eager Crurry Spelloyal.

By now it’s getting late but there’s one thing left to do. Bruce heads back to Furnok‘s room at the Welcome Wench to make amends for the [[Day 1 Part 3: The Council Meets | incident]] that happened the day before. Furnok isn’t in his room but it’s mysteriously unlock. Bruce and “John” discover money, a spell scroll, and a ring of invisibility. Bruce is very nervous to take anything from Furnok, but “John” throws the ring in his sack without a second thought.

They sleep well that night and enjoy a complimentary breakfast in the morn. They visit the Grove before setting off and Jaroo introduces them to Olowald Mistletoe, a young mage. Olowald, Crurry and Elmo join ranks with our party as they return to the moathouse…


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