Temple of Elemental Evil

Return to the Moathouse

Mo Moathouse, Mo Problems

With their numbers now doubled, the adventurers return to the moathouse to further explore the explore the dungeons below, learn more about this yellow eye of elemental evil, and bring bring back more treasure for Rannos. However, when they return, they notice that Kannash is no where to be seen. Fearing the worst, the head down in to the lower level to look for clues to find what happened to their friend.

As they walked down the stairs, something caught Demor‘s eye. He found a gold ring near the flasks of oil. They didn’t make their way to far into a corridor before zombies began pouring out of cells. While the undead creatures didn’t seem to difficult, they didn’t go down easily. Crurry Spelloyal got the MVP award for killing the most zombies. The zombies didn’t have any money but a peridot was discovered in one of the cells.

Exploring further they party found a torture chamber, but they were suddenly attacked a lizard that seemed to have made it’s way from the upstairs. The lizard also went down quickly. Crurry beheaded the creature and wore it’s flesh covered skull as something of a cap. Examining the room they found blood that seemed to go south toward a pillar in the back of the room.

In a northern room they found another locked door with well greased hinges. But nothing of value was found in the room. One room over the party discovered Lubbash, a giant Ogre who was hungry for human flesh. “John” wearing a cloak with the yellow eye of elemental evil made Lubbash believe they were transporting prisoners to the New Master. The ogre was so stupid he believed him even though John didn’t know the hand signal! Before leaving the room, the adventurers accidentally discovered Lubbash’s pantry which included the remains of many creatures and two well tortured humans and a gnome. The party continued past Lubash’s room to the hallway beyond. There they regrouped and decided to go back and save the poor souls who were soon to be lunch for Lubbash. Surprising the creature they managed to take him down quickly. The adventures rescued and healed the two merchants who offered to reward the party next time they were in Hommlet. Bruce unshackled the gnome who said he was there spying on some Gnolls. As a thank you, he gave Bruce an iron ring. Additionally, a small amount of money and an elven cloak was found among Lubash’s things.

While Bruce was walking the prisoners to safety upstairs, the rest of the party continued along the hallway beyond Lubash’s room. They triggered a trap which closed them off to the Ogre’s room. Luckily, they had enough strength among the group to lift the grate separating them and let Bruce rejoin the party. Further down the hallway they found a room with three doors and a room off to the side. Listening through the first door, they heard more zombies. Doors two and three sounded clearer, but when opened revealed a solid wall behind them. Even worse, one of the door set off another iron gate that prevented them from returning the way they came. With Damor’s “turn undead” and Crurry’s blood lust, the 7 zombies behind the first door were quickly annihilated. Before venturing that way, the party decided to check the side room.

They found a group of gnolls. Despite not having a common language the party was able to pay off two of the gnolls who left without fighting, the remaining 7 including the leader ended up being a formidable battle. The party persevered and decided to make camp for the evening.


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