Temple of Elemental Evil

Upper Level of the Moathouse

It's what we call a "fixer-upper"

After our adventurers trudged for miles by foot toward the moathouse, they finally reached it. Crossing the dilapidated draw bridge they were attacked by frogs which they made short work of.

Carefully entering the ruins they noticed boot prints of numerous people that had recently been here. It seems that someone (or something) noticed their arrival as well.

The found a band brigands and their leader in the back room. Stragically trapping them in their room, they Kannash picked off the brigands one at a time while Damor put the fear of god in them. One managed to escape with his tail between his legs. Once the leader was free from the room he had no problem taking out Kannash and Damor. He then set his sights on Bruce, running him down a back hallway. Bruces arrows proved to be too much for the leader, and as he fell he vowed that the Master would surely make them suffer.

The party explored more of the upper level. While it was mostly well scavenged they did find a few items of note (as well as some bats and a giant tick). Damor discovered a secret stairwell that went into a dark dungeon. Slowly leading the way, Bruce was hit square in the face with a green slime. Then another one fell. Kannash and Damor came to his rescue, but the slimes started splitting. Using flasks of oiled lining the stairwell, Kannash and Damor made something of molotov cocktail and took out all the fiends in one swipe.

At the stairway arch, the party found some broken furniture. Exploring more, they found not one but two hidden doors. Each room contained lots of supplies and items for what seemed to be several, several men. They found 70 capes, each containing a symbol seen on the leader of the brigands above:


The adventures decided to head back to Hommlet with as much as they could carry and see what else they could learn.

These are the items they found:

1 amethyst
2 citrines
a gold chain
2,000 cp
two bolts of fine cloth
a crystal flagon and four goblets
an inlaid wooden box with ivory handles and decorations
four magical arrows
1 wall cresset with silver baton
30 shields
12 suits of leather armor
2 5-gallon kegs of brandy
50 spears
10 glaives
6 guisarmes
3 battle axes
70 black capes (each with the yellow eye of fire sewed on the center)
a crate of 120 arrows
a crate of 200 crossbows
other containers of provisions, salted meat, etc.


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