Ostler Gundigoot

The Friendly and Warm propreiter of the Welcome Wench


A barrel-chested mountain of a man, Ostler stands well over six and a half feet tall. He wears his brown hair shoulder length, occasionally tied back while working, and his full beard is neatly trimmed. The innkeeper prefers simple, roughspun clothes of earth tones — usually brown or tan. He sometimes wears an old, ale-stained apron as well.

He’s always found busy bustling about the Inn of the Welcome Wench. He talks freely but says very little. He has a sharp eye and a good sense for judging character. He serves all comers and will rent a room to anyone who is not causing trouble.

Ostler is the sergeant of the militia. He also serves on the Council of Hommlet.


Ostler Gundigoot

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