Inn of the Welcome Wench

This is the Inn of the Welcome Wench, a place renowned for its good food and excellent drink. Passing merchants make a point of stopping, as do many other sorts of wayfarers, and the place is always filled with patrons.

A large building, the Wench has a solid stone foundation and walls of rough-hewn timber. Slate tiles cover the sloping roof, and thick wooden shutters cover each of the inn’s many windows. At least a dozen stone chimneys rise above the roof, and several of them are continuously smoking.
The square wooden sign shows a buxom and smiling girl holding a flagon of beer.

There are three levels of this place. All run by Ostler Gundigoot, his goodwife, their two daughters, a swerving wench or two, and a pair of potboy apprentices.

The main room is the tavern, Hommlet’s hottest social gathering spot. There are several customers in this area at most times, including regular’s like Elmo Fletchter.

The second floor is the inn which houses many weary travelers. Furnok of Ferd resides in room #13.

Services & Menu

Common Room – 5 sp/night
Small Room- 1 gp/night
Large Room- 2 gp/night
Supper- 5 sp
Breakfast – 2 sp (Included with room)
Lager (local), mug- 3 cp
Ale (local), mug- 4 cp
Ale (local, special reserve), mug- 2 sp
Wine (local), glass- 1 sp
Wine (Keoish Golden), glass- 2 sp
Wine (Lortmil Farms White), glass- 2 sp
Wine (Blue Mountain Reserve), glass- 3 sp
Wine (Sundish Lilac), glass- 4 sp
Wine (Urnst White), glass- 5 sp
Wine (Celene Ruby), glass- 8 sp
Wine (Furyondian Emerald Pale), glass- 1 gp
Wine (Velunian Fireamber), glass- 3 gp
Brandy (Renton Reserve), glass- 5 sp
Brandy (Keoish), glass- 1 gp
Brandy (Ulek, aged), glass- 3 gp
Liqueur (Ulek Elixer), glass- 5 gp

Inn of the Welcome Wench

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